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Rachid Taha- Lucibela- Porangui

Lucibela - Ti Jon Poca
For those familiar with Cabo Verdean singer Lucibela, Ti Jon Poca is her La´┐Żo Umbilical album with a slight change to the song list, notably the addition of the (new) title cut. Fans will be well-served by owning either version of the effort as each is filled with sunny melodies and airy vocals meant to uplift the listener at any time of day, but also perfectly-crafted for a lazy afternoon. The national language of Cabo Verde (the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of West Africa) is Portuguese, the same as in Brazil, and those with a fondness for Brazilian music will also enjoy this record and cuts like "Stapora do Diabo," "Porto Novo Vila Crioula" and "Novo Olhar."